Project No. 328 Maximising the potential of the north-west orientation of the block and the corner positioning along an adjoining laneway, the Wolseley shoulders against neighbours and welcomes a clever use of introspective design.

Project details
Location Brighton, Victoria
Year 2014
Floor Levels Three
Site Area 1,040m2

Design Intent

Conceptually, the design position of the home sits in an L-shape formation, centred around a focal pool and garden zone. Designed with energy rating and zoning as key requirements, the Wolseley welcomes connectivity between shared spaces and uncomplicated flow between the three levels of the home. The clients wished to enjoy and inhabit every space with daily interaction, while every part of the block needed to be captured and utilised.


The desired aesthetic for the clients was one of honest material clarity and expression, allowing for intrinsic rawness within the selected materials of glass, concrete, steel and natural timber. Contemporary styling compliments the raw texture of the finishes and brings a casual purity to the home, while every level of the home offers a different expressional design layer.


The Wolseley is a unique property, designed to cater to the needs of a young family of five. With contrast, texture and layering at every turn, the Wolseley emphasises design finesse and accommodates functional spaces with consideration to lifestyle.


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