Project No. 336 Allowing a functional use of communal areas and a clever juxtaposition of finishes, the Sussex house is characterised by fluidity and thoughtfully created environments.

Project details
Location Brighton, Victoria
Year 2015
Floor Levels Three
Site Area 880m2

Architectural Intent

Incorporating the use of open spaces by using full height glazing and an entrance that demands visual continuity from the front door through to the back fence, the Sussex is a carefully considered home with choreographed lines and dimensions. With several volumes and heights, the eastern orientation allows for an abundance of natural light to fill the main living areas and a continuous flow of form between zones.


The minimalistic styling of the Sussex house creates a warm environment and an intimacy between shared spaces for the clients to enjoy with their family and friends. Offering a distinct visual identity with its balance of materials including concrete, steel and natural timber, the Sussex residence establishes a cohesive look that is contemporary, timeless and sophisticated.


The Sussex residence set out to fulfil the clients desire for abundant natural internal light and an organic amalgamation of indoor and outdoor spaces. Seamless symmetry and a neutral colour palette ensure easy living and a home that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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