Project No. 342 Offering volume in scale and volume in weight, the North house offers a geometric journey through the inclusion of curves and arches into its linear narrative.

Project details
Location Brighton
Year 2016
Floor Levels Three
Site Area 1,725m2

Design Intent

The North house is an example of the mckimm design philosophy perfectly juxtaposed with the clients’ vision and ideas.

For the owners of the North house, arches and curved forms were of particular interest and played a significant role in the design of the home. From the street, arched metal window shrouds offer a striking visual identity and the use of exposed concrete acts as a complimenting exterior focus. The unrefined nature of the concrete in its physical state offers strength and solidity, creating a sense of permeance and a quality that will stand the test of time.


Internally, the separate zones in the North house are articulated through vertical volume. At the core of the home is a three-storey spiral staircase. Its circular geometry symbolises constant motion and the staircase acts as the heart of the home, with an arterial connection to each level, zone and room.

The approach to the materiality featured throughout the North house is a true reflection of mckimm’s approach to design. Offering an endless experience of volume, scale and materiality, the North house features a palette of evocative, tactile and timeless materials. Steel contrasts against concrete, painted recycled brick against timber, marble against brass, with all finishes working together to create a visual feast at every turn.

A true collaboration between our clients, design team and builders, the North house has a unique visual character and one that reflects the vision of a team coming together as one.


Despite its vast volumes and scale, the North house has an innate feeling of intimacy and a sense of home in every corner of the house. Marrying location, design and lifestyle, the home offers a timeless, functional solution to living that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


410 New Street
Brighton VIC 3186

03 9592 1166


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