mckimm is a holistic residential design practice cultivating a love of home-life in developing beautiful, sophisticated and liveable spaces. through the seamless integration of design, project management and construction, mckimm’s passion and experience yields transformative results, creating contemporary homes that better the lives of those who experience them every day.


mckimm was established by Nick McKimm over 25 years ago. Nick’s appreciation for detailing and architecture, complimented by quality construction, has seen mckimm continue to grow and it is now renowned for being one of Melbourne’s most accomplished residential design and construction practices.


Over the past ten years, the design component of the company has seen substantial growth and today offers a full residential design service. The construction knowledge and expertise, combined with Principle Designer Lorenzo Garizio’s design talent and textural aesthetic, results in contemporary homes characterised by meticulous attention to detail.


mckimm’s collaborative process allows for the design and construction teams to work as one with the client to achieve outstanding results.

“The mckimm design aesthetic is one of relaxed living that brings the outdoors in”

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Introspective architecture, vast expanses of glass, solid cantilevers and striking planes are mckimm signatures, working in conjunction with the favoured honest materials and the intrinsic rawness of concrete, steel and timber.


Central to every project is the notion of function and connectivity. mckimm spaces are beautiful, yet every zone is individually designed and subsequently used to full capacity. Busy families, entertaining zones, home office spaces, children’s retreats, well considered and integrated pools, luxury retreat master bedrooms, custom designed cellars; all created with flow as a priority.


Quality construction, project management methodology and skilled craftsmanship define all of our work.  Our experience, relationships and efficiency of handling the project at one touch point see us deliver exceptional projects. mckimm homes look beautiful and work beautifully and the luxury is in the detail and the comfort that mckimm homes evoke.