Round Choreography

Round Choreography


Project No. 369 Emphasising connections between inside and out, Round Choreography aims to capture the nuances of family life within a robust and raw outer envelope.

Project details
Location Malvern
Year 2021
Floor Levels 3
Site Area 668m2
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Design Intent

The Round Choreography House works with the clients’ dynamic energy and is an attempt to allow the family to forget about the outside world for a while; mixing rigour with imagination.

At the end of the breezeway, a feature circle window is an unexpected focal point that captures your eye when you enter the home. Formed in concrete, it is a solid mass; weighted and bold. The frameless glass aperture highlights the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces and establishes a visual sightline that spans the length of the property.

Harnessing seamless flow of spaces is a natural component of the mckimm architecture philosophy and is executed within the Round Choreography House. Choreographed lines of sight and symmetry are achieved throughout the home and materiality and texture is celebrated through the use of natural products; concrete, stone and timber.


Offering a distinct visual identity with a balance of materials, the Round Choreography House is cohesive and synonymous with mckimm homes; demanding precision and attention to detail.

A darker palette of natural finishes provide a robust backdrop to family life. Designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, concrete, timber and stone are softened by leather and portals of natural light via feature skylights. For the parents, the master suite is a special zone, designed to optimise connection and sightlines from the bed itself. With views across the sunken courtyard atrium, through the circular aperture and beyond, the space is deliberately oriented to articulate angles of illumination at different times of the day and night. Light and bright nuances.

Offering a heightened living experience, the Round Choreography House combines modern convenience with a refined and deliberate approach.



mckimm thrives on fostering relationships with clients to ensure the buildings designed for them serve a greater purpose.

A contemporary take on the modern family home, the Round Choreography House is an intuitive response to the needs of a growing household. With three young children, the clients brief necessitated on employing a tough and durable materiality that emphasised openness rather than separation and delineation. The living areas were crafted around interactive family life and encourage engagement on both an intangible and functional level, allowing the home to grow and evolve with its family over time.



410 New Street
Brighton VIC 3186

03 9592 1166


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