Glen Eira

Glen Eira

Project No. 352 Exemplifies distinctiveness of contemporary design with clean, symmetrical lines and the integration of natural light from all solar aspects.

Project details
Location Caulfield
Year 2019
Floor Levels Three
Site Area 1,313m2

Design Intent

The Glen Eira House nestles comfortably into the streetscape with subtlety, appearing behind what appears to be a narrow street frontage.

Positioned on more than 1,300 square metres, visitors to the Glen Eira house are met with a biophilic line-of-sight and the unexpected depth of the property. Experienced through the entrance breezeway, feature steel doors and large panes of glass, the true scale of the Glen Eira house is perceived via an eye that carries all the way through to the rear landscaping of the project.

Internally, the placement of the staircase at the Glen Eira house proved to be the catalyst for the unfolding of the entire project. Underpinning the ethos of connectivity within the home, the staircase creates a bond between the basement and upstairs zones, resonating as the projects heart. Depicting an artery that is integral to the function of the home, the staircase connects every communal room within the Glen Eira house and offers a complimenting symmetrical feature to the other geometric shapes found throughout the home.


The Glen Eira house spaces feel light and bright due to the incorporation of a neutral palette using reflective and transparent materials. White stones, soft timbers and mirrored splash backs offer an unbiased base to the pops of greens and blues requested by the colour-loving clients. Tasteful use of green terrazzos, blue velvets and brass all add a feeling of luxury and create an environment that is truly reflective of the families taste.


Attention to detail and innovative design adds to the efficient spatial planning within the Glen Eira house. Communal spaces partner natural light and greenery, highlighting the relationship between the built home and its natural surroundings, whilst providing comfort, a unique ambience and seamless amalgamation of spaces which encourage family interaction.  

Home to a busy family of five with a love of entertaining, no space within the Glen Eira house is unused or forgotten, with connection continually being fostered within the home.


410 New Street
Brighton VIC 3186

03 9592 1166


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