# 328

Wolesley #328 is a unique property, designed to cater to the needs of a young family of five, how they live and share space. The home welcomes an energetic social life, zones to entertain are well considered within a clever use of introspective architecture.

The Brief

The young family of five desired connectivity between shared spaces; and uncomplicated flow between zones. The clients wished to enjoy and inhabit every space with daily interaction, while every part of the block needed to be captured and utilized.

The House has been designed with energy rating, flow and zoning as key requirements. The North West orientation takes advantage of the best aspects of the block providing beautiful views from all rooms to garden and pool.

The client’s desired aesthetic was one of honest material expression allowing for intrinsic rawness within the selected materials of glass, concrete, steel and natural timber.


The objective of the Wolseley project was to maximize the potential of the block with north western orientation and a corner position along the adjoining laneway.

The underlying principle was to design a family home with an introspective aspect, shouldering against neighbor’s and appearing to stand alone from within the property.

The core idea centered around a focal pool and garden zone with direct sight line from the entry and surrounding spaces, along the pool and to the very back of the block. This captures the extent of the structure seamlessly, whilst enhancing the depth and symmetry of living spaces linked with outdoor elements.

‘The design team listened to how we live and then brought their own experience of function and design. The team offered solutions and ideas we would never have dreamed of, but now can’t imagine living without. We are very proud of our home.’


The clients enjoy every space and zone with daily interaction, every part of the block is captured and utilized with courtyard aspects and flow.

The design has accommodated functional spaces with consideration to lifestyle. Busy mornings, school time activities, task areas and recreational spaces; all facilitating the client’s desire to be at home, entertaining family and friends and enjoying their children.

The study is orientated with aspect to the entry reception and the pool zone connected by breezeway spaces, allowing for a home office formality as well as a family workstation retreat, a client priority request.